Economic History of the Republic of Ireland

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Economy of the Republic of Ireland

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Economics, Business, and the Environment

Country Profile - Ireland


Economic Data in Short (from 2007 on)

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Economic Survey of Ireland 2008

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The Story of the Celtic Tiger

Key-words: Celtic Tiger (1990s), downturn (2001-03), Celtic Tiger 2 (resurgence after 2003), wealth redistribution, national development plan

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How Ireland Became the Celtic Tiger

by Sean Dorgan

June 23, 2006


The Luck of the Irish

Story of the Celtic Tiger Years

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National Development Plan


National Development Plan Website


No More Celtic Tiger

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Ireland Economy 1: Der irische Tiger

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Ireland’s Boom Years (2006)

BBC film on the latest economic problems of the
Republic of Ireland (2008)


Ireland’s Economic Woes

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End of the Celtic Tiger

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Irish Economy Goes into Recession

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The Recession in Ireland

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Ireland in recession for first time in 25 years (Sept. 2008)

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