Irish WWW Sites of Interest

For people with an interest in Ireland, the Web provides a bounty of information, news, speeches, policy statements, academic study and historical analysis.

To get general information about the Emerlad Isle start from
One of the best link-collections about Ireland I have found on the web!

Irish search engines:

Official government web sites can be found at:

Government of Ireland (Rialtas na hEireann) Web site

Northern Ireland Government Homepage

The Irish National Information Server

Irish education is represented at:

For news, opinion and analysis on Irish politics, the best sites are:

An Phoblacht/Republican News

Belfast Telegraph


Irish News

Irish Times (u.a. mit der sehr interessanten Sonderseite "The Path to Peace")

Other interesting sites include:

Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland

Hunger Strike Commemoration Web Project

The RUC's Web site (including a 'virtual museum')

Some of these links were compiled by Steve Jones, a Labour Councillor from Oswestry,
Shropshire and a member of his party's Agreed Ireland Forum